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Helen McHugh heads EBM’s product research

Helen-McHughUK: Helen McHugh has been appointed as the new head of product research at fan company EBM-Papst UK.

Helen has been with the company for 16 years. Previous roles have included divisional manager for the Industrial Engineering Division and, more recently, head of sustainable technology – a role she fulfilled for the last five years.

Helen’s new role is a completely new position within the company after EBM-Papst identified a need to focus its r&d operations on requirements from existing clients and emerging markets.

“Our R&D operations are among the best in Europe but there is a vital need to understand the requirements of clients and different markets before we commit to developing new products,” Helen McHugh observed. “Much of my role will be focused on the relationships I have with businesses within different sectors where EBM-Papst is well-established, but I will also be developing extensive market research programmes so we can offer new or current products around the needs of new markets.”

In her previous role as head of sustainable technology, Helen promoted the use of energy efficient EC technology in the built environment through educating specifiers and end users on the potential energy savings from incorporating EC technology into existing hvac equipment. Much of this work focused on working with the data centre, retail, hospitality, health, education and commercial building sectors.

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