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Heronhill offers wireless monitoring system

UK: Somerset-based air conditioning distributor Heronhill has taken on the UK distribution of Sensorist wireless monitoring systems.

Founded in 2012, Sensorist manufactures and supplies a range of wireless high-end temperature, humidity and CO2 measurement products. Sensorist is located in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark and sells to more than 45 countries worldwide.

“Through the agreement with Heronhill, we will get a better exposure within the rapidly growing B2B market in the UK,” commented Sensorist sales director Stiig Larsen. “It becomes easier for us to introduce new products, and it will be easier to participate in bigger projects. We are confident that this will further strengthen our position in the field of business solutions for wine cellar builders, refrigeration and air conditioning contractors, zoos and museums.”

Heronhill MD Nigel Manning added: “The agreement with Sensorist is a great development for Heronhill. The Sensorist system complements our existing range of high-end wine cellar and low-temperature air conditioning products. Sensorist have a truly innovative product for wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2 for small and large business solutions.”

Heronhill now has a complete Sensorist setup in its offices in Wellington to provide customer demonstrations either in person or online.

As well as finding a ready market in the food industry, the Sensorist product is also widely used in pharmacies, where the monitoring of storage temperatures of medicines is a requirement in many countries. Many pharmaceutical products can be irreversibly degraded even by brief periods of storage at the wrong temperature, so monitoring of storage temperature is vital.

“The more we hear about the Sensorist monitoring system the more impressed we become,” said Nigel Manning.

“We’ve recently been talking to some of the large UK pharmaceutical chains about Sensorist and how easy it is to install. It makes sense that as a Danish company they’d be strong in their home market, nevertheless, it’s impressive to hear that Sensorist systems are now installed in nearly 25% of all Danish pharmacies.”

Storage conditions for most medicines can be satisfied by either cold storage (between 2-8°C) or room temperature storage that is not above 25°C.

With Sensorist temperature is automatically recorded every 15 minutes, day and night. It can easily manage multiple physical locations and multiple users, all with custom alarms.

The system generates PDF reports daily, weekly or monthly (or any timespan required) or data can be exported to CSV files. Free smartphone apps are available for both Android and iOS.


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