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Hi-tech insulation for the food industry

UK: A new high performance insulation material used in building and industrial markets worldwide is being made available to the food processing industry.

The Nansulate thermal insulation coating from Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd incorporates a safe micro-sized nanotechnology-based material with nano-sized internal architecture that has a very low thermal conductivity. Additionally the material is said to be hydrophobic, which provides mould and mildew resistant without the use of toxic mouldicides.

Nansulate helps to reduce heat loss, meaning manufacturers can reduce the energy used in the process as well as improve the process itself and the consistency of the product. It can be easily applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete and many other substrates with a brush, roller or paint sprayer.

The coating was developed in the USA where the NSF approved insulation is already helping food manufacturers to cut down on energy consumption and costs.

“We understand the manufacturing processes within a food zone and also the regulatory requirements,” confirmed Kevin Buchler, managing director at Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd. “Our Nansulate translucent GP product is NSF approved to provide assurance of the products safety and effectiveness.”

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