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IOR offers schraeder valve tightening tool

Schrader Torque ToolRW_AdvertUK: The Institute of Refrigeration is giving away a special Schraeder valve tightening tool to all new members of the Service Engineers Section.

This simple hand tool prevents incorrect torque being applied on Schraeder valves – identified by REAL Zero as one of the top 13 causes of leakage. This specialised tool is non-adjustable and pre-set to 0.45Nm, making it suitable for the majority of Schrader cores which should be tightened to a torque of between 0.23 and 0.8Nm. The use of the torque tool also ensures that the Schraeder pin is at the correct height, so it is not depressed when a cap is fitted, but is depressed by the depressor in a gauge line.

Not readily available from wholesalers, the IOR is now giving this pre-set Schraeder valve tightening tool to all new members of the Service Engineers Section. The tools are also available to purchase from the IOR on-line shop at £12.50+VAT.

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