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Ice factory is subject of IoR lecture

Compressor-room-4UK: The history of the Grimsby Ice Factory and the iconic refrigeration system it still contains is the subject of this month’s Institute of Refrigeration paper.

The talk by Chris Lester of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology and IoR past president Guy Hundy will chart the history of the building, illustrating its equipment and describing the plans for its future. Included are video clips from filmed material taken during the last year of operation.

Grimsby Ice Factory was built in 1901 to provide ice for the town’s flourishing fishing industry and, at one time, was the largest such facility in the world. The factory closed in 1990 and is now derelict but the significance of this Grade II* listed building today is that it is the last surviving example of industrial-scale ice-making with its equipment still in-situ. Amongst the surviving refrigeration equipment is four huge J&E Hall ammonia compressors dating back to a 1930 refit.

The Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust is a voluntary organisation seeking to preserve the building and its contents on a sustainable basis. The Ice Factory has the support of the Prince’s Regeneration Trust, English Heritage and international recognition by the World Monument Fund. Bringing the public into a future rejuvenated museum and activity centre opens the door to the possibility of an educational facility centred on refrigeration technology.

The paper presentation takes place on November 6 at 17.45 in Room 110, Roberts Building University College London, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE.

The presentation is also being broadcast as a webinar which can be accessed by registering here.

The paper can be downloaded from the IoR website.

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