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Industry calls for UKCA mark transition plan

UK: Actuate UK has called on the government to work with industry after an extension to the UKCA mark on construction products was confirmed until 30 June 2025.

The umbrella group, which represents eight UK engineering organisations covering the whole construction products supply chain from manufacturers, testing and certification facilities, and contractors/users, has urged the government to work with industry and agree a joined-up plan for the transition. 

The UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking was created as part of the UK’s own regulatory framework post-Brexit. It is designed to show that products comply with UK product safety regulations which are designed to protect consumers.

The mark was due to replace the European CE Mark at the end of 2021, but has been delayed a number of times due to a lack of preparedness, in particular a lack of testing facilities.

While the delay to the transition from CE to UKCA Mark for all products is a relief for the industry, Actuate UK says the process so far has created confusion, anxiety and costs.

“We need DLUHC and BEIS to be more coordinated on this,” said Chris Yates, CEO of Actuate UK member the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA). “Manufacturers have already spent a lot of money getting UKCA approval. Now that we have more time on the transition, we need a more substantial discussion on how the new UKCA Mark will interact with the CE in the future and the prospects for mutual recognition.”

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