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IoR expands publications catalogue

UK: The Institute of Refrigeration has significantly expanded its publications catalogue with a profusion of new guidance notes and updates this year.

In the last few months, the IoR Technical Committee and Service Engineers Section have issued a mixture of new guidance notes, technical papers, service engineer’s publications and updates to existing titles, to keep members up to date with the latest technical developments in the sector.

This year’s publications include an Excel template for preparing Point of Work Risk Assessment (GN34). This is a useful reference document for reviewing and updating risk assessments and provides clarification on essential health and safety requirements. A new guidance note on Pressure Switches and the Pressure Equipment Directive (GN32) has also been produced.

Technical Papers

A collection of the papers from this year’s annual conference on risk assessment held in June have been published as a download for those who missed this event. The complete collection of the technical papers produced to support the monthly IoR technical talks will be published as the IoR Proceedings Volume 115 (2018-19) as a single download shortly.  

Updates to existing publications

The guidance on Fixed Refrigerant Detection Systems (GN20) has been updated to take into account the more widespread use of HFO refrigerants. Part 2 of the jointly published BRA/IoR Guide to Good Commercial Refrigeration Practice has been revised and is due to be reissued this month. Part 2 covers system design and component selection and contains an extensive update to the section on evaporators and to the references.  The remaining sections of the guide are also being revised and will be reissued in coming months.

A new annex has been added to the IoR Refrigerant Codes for A1 (non flammable, low toxicity refrigerant) and Carbon Dioxide to cover requirements related to CLP and DSEAR. The annex has been issued as a stand-alone guidance note (GN33) to raise awareness of the applicability of these regulations to non-flammable refrigerants as well as flammables. 

Service engineer publications

The IoR catalogue of good practice guides (GPG) for technicians and service engineers continues to grow – with around 200 short bulletins currently available to members on the website. Each year the section produces twelve new titles. So far this year the topics have included: The recovery and reclaiming of refrigerants in Five Good Reasons to Reclaim Refrigerant (GPG76); An introduction to energy efficiency ratings of server rooms and data centres in Server Room Maintenance Tips (GPG77); Procedures for evacuation and removal of moisture Basic Guide to Evacuation and Removal of Moisture (GPG78); The back catalogue of existing guides related to the F-gas regulation were also updated and reissued as a single document titled F Gas Handbook 2019; The push-pull method of refrigerant recovery is covered in GPG79; The IoR template for point of work (dynamic) risk assessment has been issued to service engineers as GPG80; and useful guidance on how to complete a waste consignment note together with an example is provided in GPG81.

All publications are available from the IOR website at

Non-members can access these publications which are priced individually. There is a charge for the conference proceedings but all of the other publications are free to download from the website for IoR members and Service Engineers Section subscribers.

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