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IoR seeks input on new apprenticeships

32913634_sUK: The Institute of Refrigeration is seeking input from UK industry as it starts the process of developing new apprenticeship standards for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump engineers. 

The consultation is part of industry efforts to structure a new RACHP engineering technician apprenticeship under the UK government’s new Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards initiative.

“The RACHP Engineering Technician occupation is one which is in desperate need of recognition with a new approach to apprenticeships that the Trailblazer initiative is designed to offer,” said John Ellis.

The help and input from everyone involved in employing or training new entrants is seen as essential to driving the new apprenticeship standards forward. 

An IoR Discussion Paper has been prepared that invites comments on the principles of how refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technician apprenticeships should work. It seeks input on company’s experience of training new entrants and the range of job activities they need to be involved in. Responses are required by the end of this month.

PJEasyEmployers will need to agree a summary of key requirements and attributes as well as principles of assessment and submit this to Government in early 2015 so it is important that as many views from a wide variety of businesses in the sector are included.

A copy of the discussion paper can be viewed and downloaded here.

Anyone interested in the future of training and skills in the RACHP sector can join the Apprenticeship Stakeholder list so that they are kept informed progress in this area. Please contact Miriam Rodway ([email protected]) if you would like to join the stakeholder group – whether you are an employer or trainer – with a named contact and their email address for future correspondence.

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