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Javac offers tool seminars

Javac-tools-1UK: Javac UK is offering to stage its Tool Talk educational seminars at air conditioning and refrigeration colleges and training establishments across the UK.

The Tool Talk seminars are designed to provide the trainee refrigeration engineer with the opportunity to both handle and discuss the tools of the trade.

The programme is run by Javac sales and technical manager Dave Kingston, who has a wealth of experience in the refrigeration and high vacuum tooling business.

Recognising that the care and application of tools is an often neglected part of the business, Dave Kingston said: “We continually see so many repeated issues with equipment that could easily be avoided with a little bit of education and better usage. Of course we appreciate that engineers are often under so much pressure to get to site, they don’t have time to consider the condition of their tools, or how to avoid them breaking down. We feel that if we can help instil a better appreciation in trainees for the tools of the trade, everybody benefits.

Javac offers a range of tools, including refrigerant recovery pumps, vac pumps, leak detectors, manifold gauges, charging scales, tube benders and hand tools.

For further information contact Dave Kingston.

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