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Joint group will promote building energy efficiency

UK: The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has established a new group with the  Energy Services Technology Association (ESTA) to promote energy efficiency in buildings.

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings Group will include members from both associations. Its focus will be to promote the economic benefits of energy demand reduction, energy efficiency and management to all demand-side users and professionals.

“Harnessing smart technology in the built environment will be vital for achieving the UK’s net zero carbon target by 2050. It will also help to ensure that our sector can emerge stronger from 2020 and build for the future,” commented BESA membership director Jason Hemingway.

ESTA has been active for over 30 years in the UK energy management sector. It has established a number of standards and training courses for its sector.

The joint Group aims to raise awareness of better energy management with government, business organisations and other relevant trade associations.

ESTA executive director Mervyn Pilley said: “The new joint special interest group will allow us to share knowledge, while making the most of the two associations’ government and industry contacts to amplify this important message.”

The two associations will retain their independence, but plans for the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Group include a combined newsletter and webinars to share information with a wider audience. The group will also enable the associations to work together on areas such as the Youth Stem Summit and Young People in Engineering, where energy management is a link.

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings Group will meet quarterly and include a cross-section of ESTA and BESA members. A chair for the group will be announced shortly.

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