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Kensa receives funding for AI development

UK: Kensa Heat Pumps has won government funding of £92,000 to develop an online dashboard using AI to allow for remote commissioning and predictive maintenance of heat pumps.

The 19-month project, worth £263,000 is part-funded by Department for Energy Security & Net Zero through their Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP). Ground-source heat pump specialist Kensa is one of 37 British companies to receive a share of the government’s £19m Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

Kensa’s new project – PREDICT (Predictive Remote Engineering Diagnostics Integrated Communication Tool) – will develop a user-friendly dashboard that processes and interprets heat pump operating data, allowing end users, installers and landlords to remotely manage the health of their heat pumps.

Using AI, the dashboard will provide alerts of potential faults before they occur and suggest how to combat them through a predictive and proactive maintenance package. 

“Linking ground source heat pump operating data with the new dashboard and predictive maintenance package will reduce the costs associated with unexpected maintenance and heat pump ownership, increasing consumer confidence in the technology,” commented Kensa’s technical director Dan Roberts.

PREDICT will enable homeowners to monitor the health of their heat pump, review electricity usage, look at past maintenance dates and plan services to suit their budgets.

Installers and landlords will be able to monitor all their heat pumps from one dashboard, making it faster to identify issues with individual units and run basic diagnostics. Installers will also be able to carry out remote commissioning, meaning cheaper installations and less disruption for homeowners and residents.

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