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Logicool offers Panasonic R32 training


UK: Panasonic air conditioning distributor Logicool has opened a new training centre to offer courses in anticipation of the introduction of R32.

The training room at its offices in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, is a joint venture which will allow Logicool to promote Panasonic products to customers, in particular the introduction of R32 systems which Panasonic is launching in the UK in April.

While most Panasonic systems will initially remain on R410A, flagship products such as the Etherea wall-mounted system will be available as an R32 model with more products being launched in the near future.

“Due to F-gas phase down, this industry is facing changing times,” commented Logicool md Karl Richardson. “R32 is a very real change that this industry is facing. The product has many positives including being more efficient than R410A, being a single component refrigerant and having less charge than equivalent R410A models as well as retaining many similar characteristics to its predecessor. The A2/A2L [flammability] question is one that needs to be addressed and as a distributor we feel that we have a responsibility to discuss this with the industry.

“The opening of the training room allows us to showcase Panasonic products. Panasonic product training will be offered to all installers. Having a working R32 system also gives us the opportunity to support Panasonic in their decision to embrace R32 and allow us as an equipment specialist to inform our clients of how best to adapt their businesses to work with the new refrigerant. Our training course will also encourage clients to think of the implications that F-gas will have on the industry in five years and beyond as we embrace further changes to the industry”.

In addition to an overview of the reasons behind the change, the course, entitled The implementation of R32 and the future of refrigerants in UK air conditioning, will provide an overview of the installed R32 system; a look at the differences and similarities to R410A; working with and applying A2L refrigerants; the tools required; changes in practice from R410A to R32; and BS:EN378 and its potential influence on refrigerants in the future.

For further details of the course, telephone 01283 218277 or email [email protected].

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