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Logicool switches stock to R32

UK: Derbyshire-based distributor Logicool has announced it will no longer offer R410A air conditioning units from stock.

The company, a distributor of Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Hitachi, will now concentrate on units with the lower GWP refrigerant R32.

“We will continue to sell R410A product where an R32 solution is not available or if the client requires product in preference to R32,” said managing director Karl Richardson. “However, these products will not be despatched from our own stocks. All R410A stock at Logicool has been mostly exhausted as we have not brought new stock in for two months, thus enabling us to reconcile our stock levels.”

Not that stock levels have been reduced – the company has increased its warehouse capacity by an additional 2,000ft².

Karl Richardson: “Clients are fully behind this decision”

“Our clients are fully behind this decision and are keen to move away from R410A installations as soon as the manufacturers can present a complete R32 product offering,” said Richardson.

The company says it has just placed a significant stock order for Panasonic R32 RAC product and will shortly be adding to this with an order for the new Panasonic PAC-i R32 range of standard inverter product.

Logicool has been an advocate of a switch to R32 for some time, as Richardson points out: “We have been training clients for over two years and have achieved a reputation for our knowledge on the transition to the new refrigerant. We feel it is important to complete this message via our stocking policy thus enabling our clients to offer the best solutions for their customers.”

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