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Look cool and win with Fujitsu

Kelly Bullivant (right) and colleague keep cool with their Fujitsu Sunnies

UK: In the hottest UK summer for many years, red sunglasses have become the face furniture of choice in the air conditioning industry.

In a campaign being run by Fujitsu UK, photos of air conditioning industry people wearing the over-sized shades have been awash on social media.

The air conditioning supplier is inviting customers to post a photo of themselves wearing a pair of Fujitsu Sunnies to Linkedin or Twitter for the chance of winning an Apple iWatch.

Around 1500 pairs of the cardboard glasses and 250 real pairs have so far been distributed, with over 150 people said to have already become involved.

Fujitsu will be giving away an Apple iWatch to the photo considered the best in each of three categories: the funniest photo; the largest group of people wearing the sunglasses; the photo taken the furthest away from Fujitsu UK’s head office in Elstree.

The brainchild of Fujitsu’s product and marketing co-ordinator Kelly Bullivant, the promotion has already attracted some impressive entries. “We have had some big group pictures, 16, 40, 60 from places like Latvia and Canada,” Kelly reveals.

“The promotion is designed to bring a bit of fun to the industry this summer, and get people talking about Fujitsu in a fun, positive way,” she said.

Staff at Climate Center, Stoke, try the glasses on for size

The promotion runs until the end of August. Get your sunnies here.

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