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Mexichem increases high GWP gas prices

MexichemEUROPE: The European F-gas quota system introduced at the start of the year has prompted Mexichem to increase prices on its high GWP refrigerants by up to 15%.

Mexichem prices increased by 10% on April 1 on its KLEA brand of refrigerants R134a, R407A, R407C and R410A, and by 15% on R404A and R507. 

The reducing quota system based on CO2 equivalents, introduced as part of the HFC phase-down under the F-gas regulations, is expected to bring increasing price pressures on the high GWP gases. 

Mexichem insists that the latest increases have been made in order to maintain its development work in reduced GWP refrigerants and to support the transition away from higher GWP products.

“The move comes as reductions in the amount of CO2 equivalent tonnes from HFCs available to the market under the EU F-gas regulation has increased demand for Mexichem’s quota,” the company said in a statement.

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