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Ministers learn of Sure Chill success

Sure Chill CEO Nigel Saunders (left) hosted the visit by chief secretary to the treasury, Elizabeth Truss, and secretary of state for Wales, Alun Cairns

UK: Sure Chill , the award-winning refrigerator firm, recently hosted a visit by chief secretary to the treasury, Elizabeth Truss, and secretary of state for Wales, Alun Cairns.

The ministers visited the company’s new headquarters in Cardiff last Friday to learn more about the Welsh export market, one of the fastest growing of all UK regions and nations, worth £60bn.

During the visit the ministers were able to see for themselves the lifesaving technology being exported from Wales to 47 countries around the world.

Unlike conventional refrigerators, Sure Chill doesn’t need constant power. It harnesses a natural phenomenon in water to store energy, enabling weeks of continuous cooling without the need for constant power.

The patented technology was first developed to protect life-saving temperature-sensitive vaccines in emerging countries, and vaccine refrigerators with Sure Chill technology are estimated to have helped save 36 million lives all over the world.

Sure Chill innovator Ian Tansley explains the technology

“Sure Chill is a shining example of a company capitalising on the global demand for their goods,” said Alun Cairns. “It goes to show how ambitious Welsh innovation can go a long way – saving and protecting the lives of those hundreds and thousands of miles away.”

Sure Chill CEO Nigel Saunders said: “The visit underlines the special interest of UK Government in our ground-breaking technology and its potential to impact populations around the world.”

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