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Move to tighten standards for ETL listing

RW_Advert30519836_slongUK: The Carbon Trust is considering tightening the energy efficiency criteria required for the inclusion of refrigerated display cabinets under the UK’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. 

Refrigerated Display Cabinets have been include on the Energy Technology List (ETL) since 2003, and the Carbon Trust is now reviewing whether the criteria should be tightened to stimulate further improvements in the efficiency of products on the market. This review will take into account the impact of increasing EU regulation in areas such as ecodesign, ecolabelling and F-gases.

Enhanced tax relief

The Carbon Trust, in partnership with consultants Jacobs, manages the ETL, part of the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme, on behalf of DECC. The ECA scheme provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for equipment purchases that meet published energy-saving criteria. The ETL lists products that have been demonstrated to meet the published criteria, and are therefore eligible for this UK tax break. Under the scheme, 100% of the investment can be written off against taxable profit in the year the equipment is purchased.

“Each technology class supported by the Energy Technology List is re-examined for continued support by the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme for energy saving technologies on a rolling two- or three-year basis,” explained Dan Merry Bibalou, an ECA senior analyst.Re-examination includes evaluations of market conditions,  technological development, other government incentives, and regulation & standards (eg EU MEPS, Eco-labels, F-gas, new test standards).  Products that qualify for ETL inclusion are those that have, when compared to the average product performance, top quartile energy saving performance.”

Manufacturers, distributors, consultants or end users who would like to contribute to the study are asked to contact the ETL team at the Carbon Trust on 0300 330 0657 or by email at [email protected].

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