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National ACR awards moved to June

UK: The National ACR & Heat Pump Awards 2021, scheduled to take place in Manchester on January 21, have been postponed until June 10.

Uncertainties as to whether the event would be able to take place on that date due to Covid-19 restrictions and the effect that furloughing is having on entries are said to be behind the decision. 

The postponement has been announced despite a reportedly large number of early table bookings.

“The January event has already received a huge take up of table bookings, much more than is usual at this point within the schedule,” said Juliet Loiselle, the publisher of ACR Journal and organiser of the event. “However, many marketeers are still on furlough and I believe that it would be too big of an ‘ask’ to expect them to enter their categories in time. As you know, the deadline is actually middle of September and judging set for beginning of October, so it’s highly unlikely they would all make it.

“Also, I’m conscious that it could put the judges under undue pressure, when perhaps there could be no need.”

Further details of the event on June 10, which will take place at the Midland Hotel as previously scheduled, will follow in due course.

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