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National produces short guides to new refrigerants

UK: With the number of new, lower GWP replacement and alternative refrigerants growing ever wide and more complex, National Refrigerants has published a series of videos on the subject.

These brief, easy to understand, two- and three-minute guides on many of the new refrigerants have been published on the refrigerant supplier’s YouTube channel in the form of Powerpoint presentations.

In addition, there is a more lengthy, eight-minute guide to the F-gas regulations, as well as a guide to recovery cylinders and their use.

Simon Ravenscroft, National’s northern regional sales manager, who produced the series, explained: “We set up a National Youtube channel to clarify some of the confusion around the new/replacement/alternative refrigerants. Around 20 guides have been uploaded so far, and we will keep adding to them.”

National Refrigerant’s Youtube channel can be accessed here.

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