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Off-site construction guide published

B&ES-publicationUK: B&ES Publications has produced what it claims is the first of its kind guide to off-site construction.

Bob Towse, former Head of B&ES Technical and Safety for B&ES Publications, said: “Our new guide provides practical support for the effective use of off-site construction methods. The content is of use not only to contractors but to all those involved in the built environment including architects, engineers, installers and most importantly our clients. By using our guide, construction professionals can reduce the risks associated with building performance, productivity, health and safety, wastage and quality on a huge variety of projects from commercial and industrial buildings to healthcare and educational establishments.”

Off-site fabrication and construction is a growing sector with rapidly changing technology and is said to now account for at least 3-4% of the £100bn construction sector’s annual turnover, and up to 80% of the construction cost for some projects.

While the guide focuses on building services aspects it also provides a general guide to exploiting off-site construction effectively.

Richard Ogden, chairman of the trade association Buildoffsite, which supported this publication, added: “Building and engineering services are essential components of most modern buildings. What clients want are services that perform as specified and work correctly first time. From my own experience as a client I understand the importance of certainty of manufacturing excellence and the simplest possible installation and maintenance.

To order B&ES Publications’ new Off-site Construction guide, call 01768 860405 or visit

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