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Oil disposal service a success


UK: A new disposal service for waste refrigerant oil from A-Gas is said to be proving popular with UK engineers.

This service, launched last year allows engineers to recover refrigerant contaminated oil in containers, safely and securely, ensuring environmental compliance. The old oil is disposed of through a strictly monitored waste management programme at licensed premises and in doing so removes the burden from the contractor, saves time and minimises cost.

Disposing of waste refrigerant oil through normal waste oil recycling practices is in breach of the hazardous waste regulations due to the refrigerant gas present.

Disposing of waste oil has always been a tricky task for engineers and some have found it a challenge to comply with the correct environmental regulations to the letter of the law,” explained A-Gas operations director Rob Parker. “We’ve seen strong growth for this new service because customers understand that this simple offering ensures oil is disposed of responsibly.”


Ten litre containers are available to engineers from A-Gas wholesalers. Each container has a venting cap to ensure the refrigerant pressure absorbed in the oil does not cause the plastic to expand and rupture and cause safety and environmental issues. 

All the engineer has to do is to return the container to the wholesaler with the recovered oil and complete a hazardous consignment note.

A-Gas sends the waste oil to its approved waste disposal partner and where possible it is recovered for other uses or energy recovery – rather than waste incineration.

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