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PERSY points the way to rapid recovery

UK: Contractors faced with recovering refrigerant from large systems can call upon a new service being offered by refrigerant supplier A-Gas.

The Bristol-based company has manufactured a recovery unit with a rapid high capacity recovery rate. Initially designed for supermarket retrofit applications, the unit is now being offered as a service to any contractors needing to rapidly recover large amount of refrigerant from a system.

PERSY (Portable Environmental Recovery System) boasts some impressive specifications including, most importantly, a 1,500kg/hr push-pull liquid recovery rate and 140kg/hr vapour recovery rate. It uses a 100m3/hr integral vacuum pump and incorporates a 500kg receiver.

Although only recently made available, PERSY has already been successfully used to recover 2,000kg of R22 in an industrial retrofit and a further 700kg of R22 in a system decommissioning contract at an ice rink.

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