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Positive reaction to F-gas seminars

IDS-Climalife-Watford-seminarUK: Climalife (IDS Refrigeration) says it has received positive feedback from delegates at its recent series of F-gas roadshows.

Alongside suppliers including DuPont, Exxon Mobil and Murco, Climalife embarked on a six-venue tour of the country last month to spread insight and answer some of the key questions surrounding the new F-gas regulations.

“Our objective was to share insight and present technical solutions to our customers and industry colleagues, addressing some of the key questions around changes in F-gas legislation, leak detection, phase down of certain refrigerants, equipment lubricant developments and also to introduce some new low GWP refrigerant solutions on the market,” commented Climalife marketing co-ordinator Mel Summers. “It was a lot to cover in a morning but feedback from many of our 200 guests was really positive.”

Discussions took place around the main changes in the new F-Gas regulation and how they will impact upon those using high GWP refrigerants, in particular R404A, where industry users will be forced to look at alternatives, perhaps sooner than they might have first expected.

The audiences were introduced to CO2 equivalent tonnes and how they affect leak checking – but also how they will affect quotas and phase-down steps. There were warnings about how R404A and other high GWP refrigerants were potentially going to be a problem a few years before the service ban on their use in 2020 due to the phase down step in 2018.

Exxon Mobil reinforced the importance of good lubrication in equipment, product selection and developments that support low GWP refrigerants. Murco also gave excellent advice on the different types of fixed leak detection sensors available, where to locate them to get the best results and a reminder of what is needed to comply with the new F-gas leak check requirements.

In addition to the options presented by Climalife, DuPont discussed its range of low GWP Opteon brand refrigerants. Interesting case studies and results were presented from a number of installations where these new lower GWP alternatives have been used.

Both Climalife and DuPont gave an overview on A2L refrigerants, what they are, where they may be needed and some of those that we can expect to see on the market over the next few years.

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