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Refcom advice on safe pressure testing

UK: Refcom has published advice on carrying out safe pressure testing of refrigeration and air conditioning pipework.

With leak pressure testing a key requirement of the European F-gas regulations, Refcom says the objective of its free-to-download technical bulletin is to inform members of the safe method using oxygen free nitrogen at high pressure, with particular emphasis on the change in pressure caused by changes to ambient temperatures during the leak test period.

Under the F-gas regulations installers of RACHP systems, and the associated pipework and components must “take precautionary measures to prevent leakage” of the refrigerants to be contained within the systems.

It is also a requirement that regular leak checks that have identified leakage “shall be repaired without undue delay” and the point of leak be tested again “within one month”.

As well as stressing the importance of using OFN, the bulletin also describes the effects of Gay-Lussac’s gas law and the relationship between pressure and temperature in ascertaining whether repairs have been carried out successfully.

The bulletin can be downloaded here.

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