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Register now or risk trading illegally

UK: F-gas registration body Refcom is urging companies to renew their certification in a timely manner, amid concerns that some companies risk trading illegally.

Certificates require renewal every three years, so with the bulk of the companies who are registered and compliant attaining full certification by 2011 this year represents a peak renewal period.

While online renewal is a relatively quick and simple process, it can be delayed if companies do not have the necessary up to date paperwork – particularly latest engineers’ certificates.

Refcom says it is working hard to process renewals for registered members as quickly as possible, but any delays could see companies being without a valid F-gas certificate and trading illegally. 

Without a valid certificate it might be impossible for companies to obtain supplies of gas and equipment and a company’s registration with its own clients as an approved installer or service provider could be affected. In addition, it could even result in prosecution if an inspection finds a company wasn’t complying with the law at the time of work being carried out.

Concerned that some companies have been slow to renew despite sending out regular email reminders, Refcom recommends that the renewals process is carried out as soon as possible. It even advises renewing ahead of the expiry date as the new certificate will only commence from the date the old one expires.

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