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Smaller coils, larger production

2_rollups-1UK: As the industry moves towards lower refrigerant charges, Lordan UK has announced that it is to commence the manufacture of 7mm coils at its recently expanded factory in South Wales.

Lordan UK is a subsidiary of Israeli manufacturer Lordan (ACS) from where 7mm coils were previously sourced. The UK factory was established in 2004 when the Israeli company recognised that a local presence would better serve UK customers and offer shorter lead times. 



A new fin press is delivered, ready to take the new 7mm tooling
A new fin press is delivered, ready to take the new 7mm tooling

The UK expansion, completed in the summer, increases the shopfloor by 50%, providing increased production capacity and more warehousing . 

Lordan UK currently supply heat exchange coils to a range of industries but md Stuart Lancaster recognises the importance of smaller coils to the air conditioning and refrigeration sector: “The smaller coils allow oems to reduce the refrigerant charge, at the same time reducing the amount of copper and aluminium used, but without compromising performance.” 

In fact, its precision-designed Triple 7 coil offers the optimal ration between tube diameter and tube distance to give the highest outputs. 

The 7mm coils join the existing range of custom-made finned tube heat exchanger coils available in a wide range of sizes, materials and coatings.


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