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The low-down on low GWP refrigerants

Real-Alternatives-logoEUROPE: The EU’s REAL Alternatives learning programme for engineers working with low GWP alternative refrigerants is now available to access.

Officially launched last week, the programme has been developed by the UK’s Institute of Refrigeration and international partners to respond to the need for reliable, independent information on the safe, efficient and reliable application of low GWP refrigerants such as carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, HFOs and ammonia.

REAL Alternatives is a European-wide learning programme designed to improve knowledge in the service and maintenance of these refrigerants in new systems.

The e-learning platform is currently available in English and Polish with Italian, German, Dutch and French to follow in the next few months.

There are eight modules in the programme. Module 1 covering safety, efficiency, reliability and good practice is mandatory and must be completed before the other modules can be accessed.

Module topics:

1. Introduction to Alternative Refrigerants – safety, efficiency, reliability and good practice
2. System design using alternative refrigerants
3. Containment and leak detection of alternative refrigerants
4. Maintenance and repair of alternative refrigerant systems
5. Retrofitting existing systems
6. Checklist of legal obligations when working with alternative refrigerants
7. Measuring the financial and environmental impact of leakage
8. Tools and guidance for conducting site surveys

To fine further information and to register, visit the Real Learning website.

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