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Top staff axed in BESA restructure

UK: The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has axed a number of top staff in what has been described as a restructuring to improve the efficiency of its operations.

In a statement posted late today on its website, the Association says it has reorganised its management and staff “in order to focus resources on increasing value to members”.

It admits to having reduced staffing levels in certain areas and consolidated member services in order to improve the efficiency of its operations. The Cooling Post believes that as many as nine members of staff are affected, with many of the cuts being made amongst its technical staff.

The changes are said to be as a result of an extensive review period dating back two years to the appointment of current chief executive Paul McLaughlin and reflect a desire to accelerate the recruitment of new members and continue growing its training provision.

“In an ever-changing trading environment, it is important that we continually review our strategy,” Paul McLaughlin is quoted as saying. “A strategic review of activities has been undertaken to ensure that the Association is focussed on providing the products and services that most add value to members, and that these are delivered in the most efficient way possible.”

The Association says it has responded to member feedback calling for particular focus on training, and legal and commercial support. It says it has also decided to increase the amount of technical information generated from the knowledge already existing amongst its member companies, reducing the need for a large internal technical team.

“We are sorry that these strategic decisions have impacted directly on specific roles within the business,” said Mr McLaughlin. “However, difficult decisions come with the territory and, at a time of considerable economic uncertainty, it is crucial for the long-term success and prosperity of BESA and its members that we focus our resources in the areas where they can make most difference.”

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