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Toshiba links discounts to rugby results

9639292_sUK: As sponsors of the Rugby World Cup, Toshiba is offering a special air conditioning discount scheme linked to the performance of customers’ home nations.

A customer’s home nation is defined according to where its company’s registered office is located.

Following the kick off of the opening game between England and Fiji on Friday 18 September, all orders for Toshiba equipment will receive an additional 5% discount on top the customer’s standard discount. The offer will continue in respect of orders placed throughout the Group stages of the tournament.

If a company’s home nation team progresses to the knockout stages, then the discount will automatically be increased to 7.5% for so long as the team remains in the knockout stages.

“The Rugby World Cup 2015 is shaping up to be the sporting highlight of the year. We want to harness the excitement and support our sponsorship of the event with this special incentive scheme, to give customers across the UK and Ireland one more reason to get involved and cheer on their national side,” said David Dunn, director and general manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning.

“It goes without saying that we are entirely neutral when it comes to the teams and the outcome of the tournament. Except to say, of course, it would be a fitting culmination if at least one of the home nations made it to the final.”

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