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Toshiba marks 7 years of carbon neutrality

Toshiba UK received a special trophy from Natural Capital Partners marking its long-term commitment to CarbonNeutral certification 

UK: Toshiba Air Conditioning UK has completed seven years of being carbon neutral under the CarbonNeutral Protocol certification programme.

Working with UK carbon offsetting company Natural Capital Partners, Toshiba achieved its carbon neutral status through a programme of strict business monitoring and certified offsets. To maintain its status, Toshiba Air Conditioning UK undergoes a detailed and independent annual assessment of GHG emissions to quantify the total produced by the business, both directly and indirectly. These include CO2 emissions from travel, waste, water consumption and energy. This is followed by internal reduction measures to further improve resource efficiency and purchase of assured carbon offsets to reduce remaining CO2 emissions to zero.

For every tonne of GHG emissions Toshiba Air Conditioning UK produces, the company purchases a verified carbon offset from Natural Capital Partners which guarantees an equivalent amount of GHG emissions is reduced from the atmosphere.

“Toshiba took a leadership position as we believed it was one of the most important issues facing the industry and, indeed, society as a whole. As events unfold and scientific understanding develops, it seems clear that the evidence is compelling and that our initiative is well-founded,” said David Dunn, Toshiba’s managing director for new equipment sales.

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