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Toshiba offers help with ECA

ECA-Scheme-logosUK: Toshiba has introduced an app to help installers and consultants secure investment relief through enhanced capital allowances.

The app contains key data on Toshiba products that meet the Energy Technology List efficiency criteria for air-source single split and multi-split heat pumps, and air source split or multi-split VRF heat pumps.

Split into three categories, it reflects the cooling capacity bandings used by the EU air conditioning efficiency directives: Lot 10, split or multi-splits smaller than or equal to 12kW; Lot 6, split or multi-splits greater than 12kW; and VRV Lot 6, VRF systems greater than 12kW.

Designers are guided through a series of six simple steps, resulting in the creation of a formally-recognised ECA statement of eligibility. This can then be used to validate compliance as part of an ECA submission for a project.

While fully supporting the ECA scheme, David Dunn, general manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning, said: “There has been some criticism, however, that the scheme is quite complex and bureaucratic, and risks putting people off applying for ECA support. Our new tool is designed to streamline the whole process of producing the supporting paperwork. We believe that once installers and consultants try it and see how easy it is to use, it will become a regular part of their project preparation.”

The ECA tool is part of a growing library of online project support and business tools being developed by Toshiba to help designers, installers and consultants streamline their workflow and improve their service to clients. Other online tools include apps for calculating Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP).

Once users have registered on Toshiba’s website, the ECA tool can be downloaded at

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