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Toshiba offers topical training courses

Toshiba training roll-outUK: Toshiba Air Conditioning is rolling out an extensive programme of new training courses for 2014.

Included are modules on practical installation and commissioning skills and updates on key legisla­tion impacting the industry.

Following the recent important changes to the F-gas regulation, a new course outlines the responsibilities of all par­ties, how the regulation relates to different refriger­ants, record keeping requirements, and the key timetable of dates for implementation for the changes.

Approved by CIBSE under its CPD pro­gramme, legislation updates include the recently revised Part L of the Buildings Regulations, and how the latest changes relate to the design of air conditioning systems.

Other courses, also with CPD accreditation, cover the application of SEER and COP in rela­tion to VRF systems, introduction to VRF and VRF compressor technology, air-to-water heat pumps, the design and application of air-cooled VRF systems, the operation of BREEAM refrigerant pump down credits and BSEN378, and an update on EcoDesign LOT10 – the energy labelling directive.

Given the growing importance of building-wide control and monitoring, Toshiba is also offering a module on building management system (BMS) by special arrangement.

David Dunn, Toshiba Air Conditioning“Training the next generation of installers and designers is vital to ensure the future of the air conditioning industry,” said David Dunn (right), general manager. “This requires continual investment in the skills and knowledge base of the trade to ensure people are equipped to deliver the high quality projects required by clients today.

“The need for training is heightened by the rapid advances in technology and practices as a result of new environmental legislation, particularly in relation to energy efficiency, refrigerants and health and safety.

“I believe that the leading manufacturers have a particular responsibility to provide such high quality training, and Toshiba is playing its part by introducing this major extension of our approach.”

The expanded range of courses covers both practical and theoretical aspects, with the focus on optimising system design and performance to ensure occupant comfort, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

He added: “Underpinning our approach is a cradle-to-grave philosophy that builds training around the natural life-cycle of air conditioning in the real world.

“We need to start with the basics, and show people how to carry out accurate heat load calculations the traditional way – with a piece of paper and a calculator. It can be tempting to rely on today’s whiz-bang software to come up with the answers. However, teaching the fundamentals is a great way to help people grasp the subject and get a genuine feel for how things really work in the real world.”

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