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Trox UK offers Christmas cheer

Bringing toys to the kids (l to r): Trox marketing co-ordinator Alice Arnott, finance director Suzanne Ranson and production operative Tracy Cornwall line-up with Shelly Whitby and Janes van Vollenstee of BREAK

UK: Staff at Trox UK are doing their best to spread festive cheer this Christmas, by organising a parcel-pledge for charity.

The 130-strong workforce of Trox UK’s Thetford headquarters have opted to donate gifts to the Norfolk-based young person’s charity, BREAK.

Employees have begun collating gifts at the company’s office, and hope to make a special delivery to one of the charity’s regional homes in the final days before Christmas.

BREAK was established in 1968 and works across East Anglia to assist vulnerable children and young people through the provision of homes and transitional services, which enable individuals to go from care to living more independently.

Hugo Lambourn, ceo of Trox UK, said: “We are a local business and the majority of our staff and their families come from the Norfolk and Suffolk area.

“We wanted to arrange to do something for a charity at the heart of this region which is doing such vital work in the community.

“We all know of children’s homes and the service they provide, but are less aware of what happens to young people when they become of an age to live independently. The work that BREAK does to mentor and prepare them is really important and we are delighted to support this.”

Liz Richards, for Break, said “We are immensely grateful to Trox UK for donating gifts to Break this Christmas. These will be shared out to our young people moving on from care.”

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