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Unilever trials Dearman fridge unit

UK: The Dearman Hubbard zero emission transport refrigeration unit (TRU) has been deployed on the European mainland for the first time in a partnership with Unilever.

The trial, a six-month deployment in the Netherlands, which ran from June to December 2017, is said to have successfully demonstrated the efficiency and positive environmental impact of the TRU. In 2016, UK supermarket Sainsbury’s became the first company in the world to introduce a refrigerated delivery truck using the Dearman engine.

Unilever used the Dearman Hubbard transport refrigeration unit to undertake deliveries of frozen produce across the country.

Operating a single Dearman Hubbard TRU is said to have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 600kg per month compared to a conventional diesel system. It also eliminated all nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions.

The TRU is said to have demonstrated rapid cool down rates that significantly exceed the standards set by diesel systems. It also had a positive impact upon noise, achieving levels significantly below accepted PIEK standards of 60dB(A).

Crucially, the trial was also able to demonstrate that while achieving these operational, environmental and social benefits, it was cost comparable to existing diesel systems.

Acknowledging Unilever and Dearman’s shared ambition to tackle environmental impacts through innovation, Dearman CEO Scott Mac Meekin, said: “This trial has taken us a big step forward on that journey as we have been able to demonstrate that Dearman technology is able to provide environmental and societal benefits alongside operational improvements while remaining cost competitive.”

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