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Weatherite opens performance test facility

Weatherite-test-facilityUK: Weatherite has invested over £50,000 in new in-house performance testing facilities for its expanding data centre cooling business.

The new test centre  at its Midlands manufacturing plant will provide Weatherite’s customers with the opportunity to see their chosen cooling equipment in operation whilst also being able to monitor, interrogate and review prior to its installation.

Being able to view the cooling system in real time from the fully enclosed viewing gallery will give Weatherite’s clients an insight into the system’s functionality, allowing them to see first-hand how the equipment operates and performs under full test conditions.

“Our 45 years knowledge and experience in providing cooling systems means we can not only offer a wide range of cooling solutions for new data centres and server rooms but also replace existing out-of-date equipment,” commented Weatherite Data Centre Cooling Systems director Paul Smiles.

“Quite rightly, data centre professionals and their associated specialists need to ensure their  investment will deliver an effective, long-term, energy saving, low maintenance solution – particularly when investing in large infrastructure such as cooling equipment for their mission critical IT facility.

“Our aim is to ensure that the client is totally satisfied with all our cooling equipment recommendations and we are committed to ensuring the client leaves our facility with complete confidence in Weatherite and with a solution that will surpass their expectations.”

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