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Wolseley Climate signs up with Gas-Trak app

UK: Wholesaler Wolseley Climate has signed up with A-Gas’ refrigerant cylinder management system Gas-Track Online.

Introduced in 2015, the app offers air conditioning and refrigeration engineers the ability to keep track of their cylinder fleet in real-time, while quickly and easily identifying upcoming and current rental charges on cylinders that have passed rent-free periods.

Available on desktop and as a mobile app, the cylinder manager also allows engineers to enter refrigerant usage easily and accurately to comply with F-gas regulations.

The cylinder manager tracks cylinders from any supplier and those supplied by Wolseley Climate will automatically be updated when collected and returned, helping engineers to see due dates and rental costs at the click of a button. In addition to having the ability to manage rentals, engineers have visibility of which gasses they currently have stocks of, as well as who has each cylinder and the remaining weights in each.

Not only can engineers view stock and upcoming of current charges, they can also input their own data in order to accurately record the use of gas on first-time installation and future maintenance. This data is stored for the required period of five years to comply with F-gas regulations and can also be exported from the app for audits.

“The cylinder manager has already proven a great success in trials with a number of engineers, providing them with efficient, accurate and clear visibility of cylinders outstanding and a means of keeping records for F-gas compliance,” said Wolseley Climate national sales director Robert Franklin.

Available on desktop and mobile applications, the manager is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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