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$10m for energy efficient projects

24776667_sUSA: Advanced energy efficient refrigeration systems could benefit from $10 million of US government funding. 

The US Energy Department has announced the funding opportunity to help demonstrate and deploy energy efficiency technologies for commercial buildings, including projects that will bring next generation building systems and components to a broader market faster.

Currently, commercial buildings in the US consume more than 5 trillion of primary energy use annually, or about 18% of all the energy used in the nation in 2012. According to the US Energy Department if building owners were to adopt cost-effective technologies, the annual energy consumption of commercial and industrial buildings could be reduced by a third.

This funding opportunity supports the demonstration and deployment of technologies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in commercial buildings: sub-metering; plug load strategies; open refrigerated display case retrofits; daylighting; shading; advanced compressor rack and refrigerant systems; and retro-commissioning strategies and technologies. The funding will support the testing and validation of technology performance in real buildings, as well as the creation of materials to help building owners, designers, service providers, and energy efficiency programme managers to gain a broader understanding of these energy-saving solutions.

The Energy Department is seeking proposals from industry, regional organisations, non-profits, utilities, and similar organisations.

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