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205,000m2 cold store planned for Kawasaki City

JAPAN: Real estate company GLP Japan is to develop what will be one of Japan’s largest multi-tenant refrigerated and frozen logistics facilities.

Named GLP Kawasaki II, the five-storey, 205,000m2 refrigerated and frozen logistics facility in Kawasaki City will have three temperature zones and a capacity of approximately 176,000 tons.

GLP Kawasaki II combines the advantages of a location in the Kawasaki bay area – where frozen and refrigerated logistics facilities are concentrated – and specifications with double ramps that provide access to each floor. 

Approximately 66% of the total rentable floor space within the warehouse will be used for freezing and refrigeration, with some variable temperature zones that can be set between -25 and 10°C. 

In addition, a room temperature zone will be installed to accommodate three temperature zones, allowing customers to use the warehouse according to their temperature needs. The facility will also feature an employee lounge, restaurant and unmanned store.

Up to 35 tenants will be able to be accommodated, with the smallest zone being approximately 2,600m2

GLP Japan sees itself as a pioneer in the market for such facilities, developing facilities equipped with the industry’s most advanced refrigeration and freezing capabilities. In 2016, GLP Japan launched a specialized team for refrigeration and freezing, and has built 30 refrigerated and frozen logistics facilities to date. 

In terms of the environment, the facility makes effective use of limited resources, promoting environmental friendliness and energy conservation by using “natural” refrigerants, LEDs, and solar power generation for electricity within the building.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2025 and be completed at the end of August 2027.

Growing demand

From 2013 to 2023, the market for frozen food in Japan has been growing steadily, reaching an average annual growth rate of 2.5%, with the overall market growth increasing by 27.6% during the same period. Since the covid-19 pandemic, frozen foods for home use have been attracting attention, and the growth in domestic production value has been remarkable, increasing by 40.0% during the same period and recording an average annual growth rate of 3.4%.

In addition, the consumption amount per household has also recorded steady growth, reaching an average annual growth rate of 1.7% from 2013 to 2023 and increasing the consumption amount by 18.3% during the same period.

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14th June 2024

EC seeks feedback on F-gas portal amendments

EUROPE: The European Commission is now seeking feedback on the amendments to the rules on registration for the F-gas portal as laid down in the new F-gas regulation.
14th June 2024

Amy Gittoes joins Climalife

UK: Amy Gittoes, the former commercial manager of the now defunct Hereford-based refrigeration company Arctic Circle, has joined Climalife UK.
14th June 2024

ECHA to consider PFAS impacts this year

FINLAND: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) evaluations of the impact of fluorinated HFC/HFO refrigerants under proposed new European PFAS restrictions are expected to take place in November/December.
13th June 2024

Uzbekistan customs stop R22 equipment

UZBEKISTAN: Customs officers in the Uzbekistan capital Tashkent have stopped the importation of process chilling equipment running on banned ozone-depleting refrigerant R22.
13th June 2024

Varying refrigerant blends boosts HP flexibility

SWITZERLAND: Researchers have found that varying the composition of refrigerant mixtures can enable heat pumps to generate different temperatures from different heat sources, while increasing efficiency by up to 25%.
13th June 2024

Carrier joins US heat pump RTU challenge

USA: Carrier has joined the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Commercial Heat Pump Accelerator to develop next-generation heat pump rooftop units.