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$3.5m funding for radiative cooling technology

USA: SkyCool Systems, the manufacturer of radiative cooling panels, has been awarded $3.5m in funding from the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). 

Based on original work by scientists at Stanford University, SkyCool uses a mirror-like material to cool buildings by radiating warmth from inside the buildings into space while also reflecting sunlight to reduce incoming heat.

“This funding will enable SkyCool to scale-up and deploy radiative sky cooling technology across the US,” said Eli Goldstein, SkyCool’s CEO and co-founder. “Together with our commercialisation partners, we will work to deploy our radiative cooling panels directly with large supermarket chains, refrigerated warehouses and in other commercial cooling systems.”

SkyCool Systems is a clean energy company focused on using radiative cooling as an efficiency add-on and replacement of traditional cooling systems. The developers maintain that, at scale, energy efficiency technologies like SkyCool’s will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower electricity production requirements from power plants, and improve the reliability of electrical grids.

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