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AEFYT signs co-operation agreement with IIAR

SPAIN/USA: The Spanish refrigeration association AEFYT has signed an agreement with the US-based International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) to encourage the use of low environmental impact refrigerants.

The two associations say they will work together to defend the use of safe and economically-viable energy efficient technologies, as well as promoting the use of low-cost refrigerants.

The collaboration agreement will include conferences and meetings, collaboration between chapters, publications, education, coordination of technical activities and research.

In addition, the two promise an ongoing dialogue and dissemination of information of interest to both parties, as well as agreeing to work on common strategies regarding public affairs.

Education is another of the sources of future collaboration between AEFYT and IIAR. In this framework, cross-educational opportunities will be offered at the regional, national and international, opportunities to co-develop courses and other training programs will be explored.

“The agreement with IIAR will allow the associated companies of AEFYT to participate in the development of this industry, as well as having privileged access to the advances that occur in this sense,” said AEFYT president Roberto Solsona.

His opposite number, IIAR president Gary Schrift, added: “The synergies that we can establish between AEFYT and IIAR will have a direct impact on the information that companies receive to advance in the development and implementation of sustainable cold systems, which is a demand of industry and society. Likewise, this will allow us to advance in the investigation to obtain refrigeration facilities more and more efficient.”

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