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Aermec’s Michele Gioachin wins Star of Merit

Michele Gioachin (left) receiving his “Star of Merit”

UK/ITALY: Michele Gioachin, president of Aermec UK and export sales manager for Aermec SpA, has been honoured with Italy’s prestigious Ordine al Merito del Lavoro medal by the Italian government.

The award was founded as a national order of chivalry in 1923 by King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy. It is presented to those “who have been singularly meritorious” in agriculture, industry and commerce, crafts, lending and insurance.

The actual medal known as a Star of Merit for Labour, confers the title of Maestro del Lavoro, which translates as Master of Labour.

Commenting on the honour a delighted Michele Gioachin said: “It is a great achievement and also recognises the support and commitment that Aermec has offered throughout my career.”

The honorary title, is given to Italian citizens who have worked continuously for at least 25 years in the same company and is bestowed by decree of the president of Italy following recommendations by the Minister of Economic Development. Only 25 recipients are selected from a short list of 40 candidates on 1 June every year.

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