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AHRI updates flammables recovery standard

AHRI_Standard_740-2016USA: AHRI has updated its standard for the performance rating of refrigerant recovery and recovery/recycling equipment to include flammable refrigerants.

The changes to Standard 740-2016, were made in anticipation of an EPA notice of proposed rulemaking to update Section 608 of the Clean Air Act to require the recovery of flammable refrigerants. As with all AHRI standards, it is free to download on the AHRI website.

The purpose of the standard is to establish for refrigerant recovery equipment and recovery/recycling equipment: definitions; test requirements, rating requirements, minimum data requirements for published ratings, operating requirements, marking and nameplate data; and conformance conditions. It establishes methods of testing for rating and evaluating the equipment for contaminant or purity levels, capacity, speed, purge loss to minimise emission into the atmosphere of designated refrigerants and to assure that the equipment meets the minimum refrigerant purity requirements as specified in the Standard.

This standard applies to equipment for recovering and/or recycling, as per ASHRAE Standard 34, single refrigerants, azeotropes, zeotropic blends, and their normal contaminants from refrigerant systems.

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