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Airedale partners with chip cooling firm

UK: Airedale International has partnered with liquid cooling solutions firm Ebullient to develop a new high-efficiency cooling solution for data centres.

The result can be seen at this week’s Data Centre World exhibition at London’s ExCel, where Airedale is displaying a new modular hot aisle containment solution featuring its rack-based InRak IT cooling unit, paired with Ebullient’s direct-to-chip two-phase cooling system.

Ebullient, based in Madison, Wisconsin, manufactures a complete line of premium liquid cooling solutions for computer hardware. Its latest product, the ER32, was announced at last month’s Data Center World show in Las Vegas. It employs 3M’s Novec dielectric solution to provide its direct-to-chip cooling solution.

“Ebullient is excited to partner with Airedale to present a unique and highly efficient cooling solution for the data centre market,” said Tim Shedd, CEO and CTO of Ebullient. “Our complementary products are a natural fit, with Ebullient providing high-efficiency direct-to-chip liquid cooling systems and Airedale providing high-efficiency air conditioning systems that manage residual server heat and provide humidity control.”

Airedale’s marketing manager Richard Burcher demonstrates how 3M’s Novec solution can be used as a direct-to-chip cooling solution for datacentres. Unlike water, the engineering fluid poses no risk to computer hardware including mobile phones.

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