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Aldi and Viessmann in “natural” energy project

Announcing the deal between Aldi Nord and Viessmann (l to r): Ulrich Schuberth, project manager Coneer GmbH, Thomas Bader, MD Coneer GmbH, Heinz-Bernd Eden, MD Aldi Nord Greven, Christian Fleck, MD Aldi Nord Scharbeutz, Dr Frank Schmidt, CEO of Viessmann Kühlsysteme, Jörg Strassburger, MD Viessmann Kühlsysteme, Edwin Bloch, Bloch consulting

GERMANY: Discount retailer Aldi Nord and refrigeration company Viessmann are rolling out a new cooling and heating system employing propane heat pumps, ice storage and photovoltaics.

The sustainable energy system ESyCool Green, which was developed by Viessmann in close cooperation with the Essen-based discount company, is to be employed in a first phase of 10 Aldi Nord stores across Germany.

The ESyCool Green system employs propane heat pumps in combination with optimised cooling cabinets and cells, as well as an integrated ice energy storage unit and a photovoltaic system. According to Viessmann this can achieve energy savings of 15%, while significantly reducing life cycle costs compared to conventional refrigeration systems.

Announcing the collaboration at the EuroShop exhibition yesterday, Christian Fleck, MD of Aldi regional company Scharbeutz, said: “Part of our modernisation is to make our branches more energy efficient and sustainable, with a focus on environmentally friendly and natural refrigerants.”

“Through the comprehensive approach of the ESyCool concept, we are shaping our retail food retailers to energy-conscious stores,” said Rayk Mende, corporate responsibility director of Aldi Nord.

While in-depth details of the system are sparse, it is believed that self-generated electricity from the photovoltaic systems will supply the cooling points in the market via a cooling circuit and, if required, use the waste heat for heating the building. On particularly cold days, extra heat from a connected ice energy storage can be used and in the summer the ice in the store is available for the “natural cooling” of the retail cabinets.

A twelve month test, successfully confirming the operational safety and energy efficiency of the entire plant, was completed at the end of 2015. Two new stores in Schleswig-Holstein were completed using the new system at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. The cooperation is now being extended to include 10 additional Aldi Nord stores.

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