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Alfa Laval considers refrigerant options

SWEDEN: Heat exchanger manufacturer Alfa Laval seeks to demystify the confusing process of choosing the right low-GWP refrigerant for a specific application in a new white paper.

Alfa Laval recognises that with so many natural refrigerants and low-GWP refrigerant options, the potential risks of choosing wrong can be quite intimidating. However, the company argues that while each alternative refrigerant presents several potential drawbacks, they also provide distinct advantages. Further, Alfa Laval maintains that with the help of a well-designed, modern, multi-refrigerant heat exchanger platform, it is possible to minimise those drawbacks while maximising the advantages. 

The 16-page white paper – Navigating a changing refrigerants market – offers a useful overview of existing legislative requirements and current market trends before offering a breakdown of different low-GWP refrigerants available today. It then considers the new technologies for using alternative refrigerants in various air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration applications.

The paper cab be viewed and downloaded here.

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