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Approaching absolute zero without helium

CHINA: Chinese scientists claim to have synthesised a supersolid material that can be cooled to near absolute zero without relying on increasingly scarce helium.

Said to be the first evidence of supersolidity in a real-world solid material, if confirmed this groundbreaking discovery has the potential to revolutionise cooling technology.

A supersolid is a special spatially-ordered quantum state of matter where particlest also flow with zero viscosity. 

This newly synthesised supersolid, Na2BaCo(PO4)2, is said to possess a giant magnetocaloric effect being capable of cooling to near absolute zero (-273.15ºC), the coldest possible temperature, without needing helium.

Helium is currently required for advanced research and technologies like superconducting magnets and MRI machines. However, with limited reserves and rising extraction costs, scientists and industries face a helium shortage.

Describing their research, Prof Su Gang of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the lead scientists of the scientific team, said: “We put this material into magnetic fields and then tried to remove the fields while keeping the heat from leaking. As we slowly reduce the magnetic fields, the temperature of the material also lowered slowly, eventually reaching 94mK.” 

The concept of supersolidity has been occupying physicists since the 1970s, but proving its existence in real materials has remained elusive. 

This new study is published in the scientific journal Nature.

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20th July 2024

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19th July 2024

Bank to retrofit 62% of branches to heat pumps

CANADA: The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has announced a multi-million-dollar retrofit of its branches in Canada to low-carbon heating and cooling systems such as heat pumps.
19th July 2024

Madrid installs cool bus shelters

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19th July 2024

Beijer Ref reports record profit in Q2

SWEDEN: Wholesaler Beijer Ref has revealed Q2 as its best ever quarter, with sales of SEK9,681m (€835m) and record profitability.
18th July 2024

Climate committee calls for action on heat pumps

UK: A UK government advisory body has backed calls to make electricity cheaper by removing policy costs from electricity prices. 
18th July 2024

Customs block quota-busting F-gas shipment

ITALY: An unnamed “specialised” company from the Piedmont region of northwest Italy faces a fine of up to €150,000 for exceeding its F-gas import quota.