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ARAP backs Montreal Protocol

10494640_lFRANCE: The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, which represents refrigerant manufacturers, oems and end users, has backed the Montreal Protocol as the proper platform for an HFC phase-down.

Addressing an audience of international experts gathered at an HFC Management Workshop on the eve of the start of this week’s Montreal Protocol meeting in Paris, the Alliance’s executive director Kevin Fay described the “dramatic progress” that had been made in the development of low-global warming potential solutions and cited the Montreal Protocol as the proper venue for dealing with the policy challenges.

“The Montreal Protocol has succeeded because of its steady reliance on a comprehensive scientific and technical assessment process,” he said. “We believe the Montreal Protocol can replicate its ozone protection success with respect to greenhouse gas emissions if the body remains faithful to its past precedents, including active consideration of economic, technical and environmental feasibility.”

Citing the complex nature of the technology transition desired, the Alliance cautioned that the transition process will require many years to complete, and urged a consistent global policy focus, and a review process guided by practical technical review.

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