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ASHRAE Handbook recognises “naturals”

1878612USA: The 2014 edition of the ASHRAE Refrigeration Handbook, now published, includes data on natural refrigerants.

While the latest edition continues to provide the practicing refrigeration engineer with the usual data and information necessary for safe and efficient processing and storage of food and pharmaceuticals, it now reflects the growing interest in “natural” refrigerants with chapters on ammonia and carbon dioxide systems.

Dan Dettmers, volume chair, explained: “These chapters, traditionally focused on industrial systems, are finding new fans in the commercial realm as zero ozone depletion potential/global warming potential refrigerants are requested by our customers.”

This latest volume covers refrigeration equipment and systems for applications other than human comfort. Over 51 chapters it includes information on cooling, freezing, and storing food; industrial applications of refrigeration; and low-temperature refrigeration.

Updates and changes in the 2014 volume include:
• Reworking of insulation tables in Chapter 10, Insulation Systems for Refrigerant Piping, to comply with ASTM Standard C680-10.
• Extensive reorganisation of Chapter 2, Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, to reflect current practices.
• Addition of new sections on additives and process chemicals to Chapter 6, Refrigerant System Chemistry.
•Addition of moisture isotherm data for R290 and R600a and a new section on system sampling Chapter 7, Control of Moisture and Other Contaminants in Refrigerant Systems.
•Expansion of the focus on hydrofluorocarbons and addition of chemical information and guidance on retrofits to Chapter 12, Lubricants in Refrigerant Systems.

The ASHRAE Handbook is published in two editions – metric (SI) and sterling ( I-P).

The new 2014 volume is also available as one of the four current volumes included in the ASHRAE Handbook Online. Members can subscribe for $29 (list $269) and get immediate, searchable access to all four volumes in both I-P and SI units.

The cost of the 2014 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration, which includes the CD is $199, in I-P or SI. The 2014 ASHRAE Handbook CD, which contains both the I-P and SI editions, costs $179.

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