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ASHRAE updates BACnet standard

ASHRAE-BACnetUSA: ASHRAE has released a new version of BACnet Standard 135, reflecting major steps in advancing BACnet for the future IT landscape.

BACnet Standard 135 defines data communication services and protocols for computer equipment used for monitoring and control of HVAC&R and other building systems. It allows for the interoperability of such equipment and for facilitating the use of digital control technology in buildings.

“This is an exciting update to BACnet that highlights the continuous development and extension of the standard to incorporate new technologies and capabilities,” said Andy McMillan, president and managing director of BACnet International.

“We have seen through our member companies the advancements that have taken place over the past several years in the building automation industry, and BACnet is keeping pace allowing for future growth and continued enhancements.”

The large number of additions and enhancements that were added to the 2012 version, including support for IPv6 networks, are said to have motivated this new release.

The new consolidated standard 135-2016 is now available at ASHRAE’s bookstore: ASHRAE 135-2016

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