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Beijer Ref France suffers cyber attack

FRANCE: Beijer Ref’s French operations were recently the target of a cyber attack, costing the refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler an estimated €2.4m in lost sales.

The problem was limited to its French GFF, Cofriset and Delclim businesses and to a very limited degree outside France. The computers in those areas were shut down by Beijer Ref as a security precaution.

According to COO and executive vice president EMEA Simon Karlin, clients’ data was not compromised by the attack.

The attack was revealed by CEO Per Bertland during today’s presentation of Beijer Ref’s Q3 financial results. 

“Despite an expanded security system, our operations in France suffered a cyber attack, which led to a shutdown of computer systems for a week,” he stated. “We estimate that the total effect of the outage amounts to approximately SEK25m [€2.4m] in lower sales and approximately SEK8m [€770,000] in lower profits. 

“We are now further reviewing operational security to avoid this type of attack in the future,” he added.

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